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A Leading Exporter
of Horticultural produce from Kenya
We are leading KENYAN exporter of high quality Sugar Snaps, Snow Peas, French Beans, Apples, Mangoes, Flowers, Okra, Passion Fruits, Tindori, Avocado, Baby Corn and more

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Who We Are

Zetes International mission has always been to provide the best horticultural products in the global Agro market. We have managed to become a well-known name in the field of horticultural products through fair dealings and commitment towards offering only the best.

Our General interest in export of horticultural commodity trading makes us a formidable force in the exports industry. Our knowledge in the relevant fields of Agricultural Exports and Logistics make us an all-round intelligent bet.


Our Promise

When you work with Zetes International, you can be sure of several things. We call these our promises and you can count on us to keep our word. Always.

Our word is our bond

If you order under contract, you always get what was agreed upon, even if the price or quality of what is on the market is different than what was expected.

We guarantee our clients the products they order. Whether it is in terms of price or quality, we always deliver what we have agreed to. We promise!

Sustainable Agriculture

Our sustainable growing methods enable us grow fresh and healthy fruits & vegetables, safely and responsibly, on the smallest amount of land possible. We produce food in an environmentally friendly fashion, without causing severe or irreversible damage to ecosystem health, to provide our customers with safe and affordable produce year-round.

Our Facilities

Our facilities are constructed to preserve an ecological balance, and to drastically reduce our carbon footprint and dependence on non-renewable resources like natural gas.

Our Procurement

Our procurement forms an important part of our entire process and forms the direct connection to our growers & farmers. This puts us in a position to procure very precisely based on export quality or client specifications.

In Addition to our own farms, Zetes International strives to establish long-term relationships with the growers, so that supply, freshness, and stable prices can always be guaranteed.


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