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About Us

Who We Are

Zetes international limited is a company registered under the company Act with all the company directors being Kenyans and is basically based in Nairobi Kenya. Zetes international engages in horticultural exports as well as supplies. The company works across the public and the private sector

Mission Statement

  • To exceed customer expectations in the distribution and marketing of safe, tasty and high-quality fruit and vegetable products
  • We strive to foster and nature co-operation, integration and strategic interdependence throughout our integrated value chain.


To be a globally impacting Horticulture Export Company enriching lives with innovation, integrity and superiority.

Our goal is to make your life easier! This includes:

  • Providing a world class service to our clients.
  • Ensuring optimal freight rates and routing.
  • Only using reliable and trusted carriers whether by air, sea or road.
  • Managing effective Cold Chain (when necessary) from harvest to hand over, thereby ensuring that the freshest
  • possible product is delivered.

To customers

To work closely with them to understand and help them address their current and future needs delivering high quality value for money solutions through our efforts and those of our supply partners.

To Employees

To offer competitive terms of services, encourage personal and carrier development on an equal opportunity basis and promote dialogue as a way of evolution and progress. To promote high standards of health and safety, respect employment rights and provide a work plan free from harassment.

Relationship with Business

Zetes international has overtime developed a high quality business focused relationship with the sole intention of having a long term relationship with a diverse range of clients ranging from local and international.

Growth Strategy

Zetes International Limited Principal goal is suitable earnings to the growth and creation of value for all its stakeholders by fully exploiting its technical expertise, geographical coverage and strong client’s base. The company will capitalize on opportunities to expand its client’s relationship and share in property agency, property ownership.


Zetes International is committed to building a safe and sustainable business based upon the achievement of a positive balance of economic, environmental and social benefits and to continued improvement and regular reporting on its sustainability performance.

Guiding Principles

We acknowledge our fundamental responsibility to conduct our operation in a manner consistent with the development of the social and natural systems impacted by our operations,demonstrating respect for human rights and operating within all applicable laws. Within this framework, we acknowledge the following responsibilities to our immediate stakeholders.

Health and Safety

We will pursue an absolute goal of causing no harm to our employees or those affected by our activities. We will implement effective health and safety management systems, encourage and promote the adoption of safe working practices and engage our people and business partners in driving continuous performance improvement.

Openness and transparency

Openness and transparency are key values guiding all our operations. We strive to build trust in our clients, shareholders and other interested parties through publication of accurate and reliable data. We will foster teamwork and encouraging synergies across the company through knowledge sharing and best practice.


We will pursue an absolute goal of causing no harm to the environment. We will implement effective environmental management system, encourage and promote the adoption of environmentally sensitive practices and engage our people and business partners in driving continuous performance improvement.

Ethical Business Conduct

Our relationships are underpinned by our reputation for being reliable, trustworthy and fair. We will apply consistently high standards of ethics in all we do acting in way that meet or exceed legal standards, meeting our contractual commitment, avoiding conflicts of interest, keeping company data accurate, confidential and secure and abstaining from all forms of corruption.

Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

We value the diversity of our people and as we use this to develop the company. We respect the rights of our people to equal opportunity and nondiscrimination in the work place, to organize for the purposes of collective representation in accordance with the law in the jurisdictions where they are employed to be advised of and be afforded fair opportunity to respond to actions and decisions adversely affecting them in the workplace and to confidentiality relating to personal data held by the company.

Community Support

We will support the local and regional communities in which we work. We will engage in consultation on matters of importance to them connected with our activities and seek to contribute to their economic and social well-being, within the framework of local laws and in context with the company’s roles and responsibilities.


Professionalism underpins all our activities. In addition we will demonstrate a dynamic and cooperative approach, helping customers in their search for new solutions and methods of working. We believe innovation and creativity are essential for the future of the company enhancing our capacity for growth and progress

Human Right

We respect the human rights and the dignity of those affected by our operations in a manner consistent with obligations and commitments of the territorial jurisdictions in which we operate and without discrimination of any kind.