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Our Ambition

Our Ambition

Our ambition is to develop a leading international business engaged in the provision of services through supplies and horticultural exports.

We will pursue this ambition by:

  • Anticipating and responding to the needs of our customers throughout the full life of their capital assets.
  • Taking a broad, long-term view of our relationship with customers.
  • Striving for continuous performance improvement and demonstrating professionalism excellence in all our activities. Encouraging our people to develop and contribute to their full potential.

We are committed to pursuing this ambition responsibly, taking into account our role as a major company contributing to the sustainable development of the economies, societies and environments in. which we operate.

Entrepreneurial Spirit and Management Rigor

Zetes International Limited is a large and wide-ranging company, with a variety of customers, activities and geographies. On a daily basis our people face many demands for decisions to be made in support of our goals. We encourage an entrepreneurial approach to this challenge through the decentralization of decision making within a clearly defined policy framework.

This approach offers “local” managers and their teams the opportunity to take responsibility for deciding how to achieve our business targets within the parameters the company has set as its basis for corporate governance.