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Our Core Values

Our Values

Integrity; Environmental sustainability, ethical business practices
Supplier & Customer Partnerships; Long term, beneficial customer & supplier relationships key.
Uncompromised Quality; Fair with people, uncompromising on standards.
Quality People; Attract, develop & retain, innovative diverse talent
Robust Financial Performance; Drive sustainable profits and optimized cash flows
Sound Governance; Committed to sound governance principles & practices

Our Objectives:

  • To become a better supplier with increased customer service focus.
  • To become a better employer through performance recognition and celebration of cultural diversity.
  • To become better financially by improving the returns and cash generation.
  • To become a better neighbor with special attention on environmental and social sustainability.
  • To become a better business partner through reliability and trust.

Guiding Principles

We acknowledge our fundamental responsibility to conduct our operation in a manner consistent with the development of the social and natural systems impacted by our operations,demonstrating respect for human rights and operating within all applicable laws. Within this framework, we acknowledge the following responsibilities to our immediate stakeholders.